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Future of Gay. Moms, Grandpa, what was inequality like? 

We asked our readers, in a Facebook poll, to hypothesize about LGBT life 45 years from now. Will antigay prejudice be a thing of the past by 2057? If so, what will occupy our minds?  We’ll be telling our grandchildren the story of the fight for our rights and watching their faces light up with disbelief since they live in a world of total equality. The History Channel will be airing documentaries educating the masses on the discrimination we faced and the history of it all.  

Ellen DeGeneres: 'I Stand For Honesty, Equality, Kindness, Compassion'

The unlikely rise of Ellen DeGeneres to become the most powerful woman in daytime television is chronicled in a comprehensive new profile in The Hollywood Reporter. In less than a decade, the now-54-year-old DeGeneres's hit talk show has become an afternoon party for viewers, many of whom are middle-aged straight women, something that surprised executives who initially found that demographic beyond the comedian's appeal. "They said, 'Who is going to watch a lesbian during the daytime?'" DeGeneres remembers. "'You know these are housewives and mothers, right? What does she possibly have in common with them?'"
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2012 Summer Olympics: 21 Openly Gay And Lesbian Athletes In London

Jul 24, 2012 - The number of openly gay and lesbian athletes at the 2012 London Summer Olympics is ahead of the totals for Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008, with all but three being lesbians. There are 21 openly gay and lesbian London Olympians, two coaches and two gay Paralympians. This compares with 11 in Athens and 10 in Beijing, showing some progress in athletes being public about their sexual orientation, but still a low number. 
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10-Year-Old Gives Gay Marriage Speech Before NYC City Council

Two months ago, fifth-grader Kameron Slade wrote a speech for a school competition that his principal forbid him from delivering. The topic was gay marriage. His mother, April Grantham-Slade, told the New York Times that her son wanted to address a subject that hadn't been talked about much. Local media outlets heard about Kameron's predicament, and the 10-year-old was invited to deliver his words for the cameras of TV station NY1. The video of Kameron's speech received more than 600,000 views on YouTube, and he was ultimately allowed to speak at a special school assembly.
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